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In Loving Memory of Kory

Sara Shockley

Kory, Amy and I did so much together. We would watch movies all the time out at his house. The very last time I got to touch him or even talk to him, we were up at the gas station, and we started wrestling. Then I gave him a big kiss on the cheek.

I will always hold those sweet memories in my heart. And I know, that Kory and our Jesus is watching over us every step that we take.

Ashley Clark

One of my greatest memories of me and Kory was when I was four and he was six.

I had a little jeep that we always rode in together in my grandma's daycare. One day Kory was driving and I was in the other side and he kissed me on the cheek and I thought that was the greatest thing.

I will always remember and cherish that memory of us together.

Ashley Davis

Kory and I had many memories.

I remember we (Kory and I) had to walk to the cafeteria for something one day and as we were walking down there, we saw one of his ex-girlfriends and to make her jealous, because he loved her soooo much, he put his arm around me and pretended to kiss me! I will never forget was just too cute!

He had a great heart and was a blast to be around! And another thing about Kory.....he always looked so darn good! He was one of the best dressed guys in our school...


Granny Kaye Wyatt

Kory was so special to me, he was my first grandson and that in its self, is a joy unexplainable.

The first time I held him in my arms was a feeling no one can know until they experience for themselves. It was always a joy to be with Kory, because joy was in him. Joy can be real only if people look upon life as a service, and have a definite object in life outside themselves and their personal happiness. This was Kory.

He was such a blessing to be around and there aren't words to express how much I loved him. I am so proud God allowed me to be his grandmother.

Ms. Mary Littrell

Bre and Kory were ball team managers together and I used to sit across the gym in the bleachers during the game and watch them either sitting with their arms thrown around each other's shoulder or planning some antics, usually Kory telling Bre that he was going to be her body guard and beat up any guy who tried to do her wrong. Both of the girls loved him very much.

Donna Kipp

I have lots of memories, and especially I loved the way Kory made me feel so loved and special. You know, he did that for everyone I've ever talked to! And I thought it was just me!

But probably the most fun memory I have is when John Alexander first came to FBC VB. He played some hokey game with the kids (and of course I played, too). Then he gave these hokey prizes, at least the kids thought they were hokey. I loved the shirt he called the ugliest "See you at the Pole" shirt ever made. Kory won that shirt and then he turned around and gave it to me. That was several years ago, but I really have no interest in any other SYATP shirt, because I will always treasure that one.

Kory was a dear heart and had such a sweet spirit we will always remember.

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