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In Loving Memory of Kory

Mandy Ross

My memories of Kory are such wonderful ones. He was one of my best guy friends... he and I discussed so many things that other guys just didn't understand. He was so optimistic and always encouraging.

He and I had shop class together and he, Ashley Davis, and I would spend most of our time together goofing off.. we tore up more stuff than we fixed. He always had advice for our guy problems....

I remember the time he and I were hanging out at a ball game and we pretended we were boyfriend and girlfriend, even though I had a boyfriend. He was so scared he was going to get in trouble by my boyfriend. But yet he didn't mind.. he was there and we had so much fun.

My memories are full of wonderful ones like these when we discussed my guy troubles.. and his latest crush. Kory was so wonderful.. he hardly ever had a harsh word to say. I hope Kory knows how much he is still loved and how much he is missed!

Emily Myers

There are so many memories of me and Kory, it is hard to pick one.

But I think my most funniest memory of Kory is when we were at the Blacks reunion. Me and Kory were wrestling on the ground outside and he rolled in this BIG pile of black nasty dog poo. He had to wear a big coat to cover it up he was really embarassed. He looked like he was about to puke. Then he made his dad let him drive the car back to his house so he could change.

JoAnn Pierce

When I think of Kory, I first see his smile. Kory almost always had a smile on his face and you knew he was happy ... Happy in his home life, school life and most of all his Christian life.

I witnessed Kory lifting his hands in praise to God in church camp, and saw him on his knees as well. I have thought many times about this since Kory has been gone.

You know we pray "God, please use me for Your honor and Glory" and I think Kory did as well. God knows our hearts, He knew Kory's and He answered Kory's prayer. May we all be willing to live our lives for Christ as Kory did.

Even though he was young, Kory lived a life that touched so many lives and I feel so blessed just to have known and loved him ... and still do ...

Granny Faye Dancer

When I think of Kory, I remember that he always made me smile.

I can attest to the fact that there really is love at first sight because I loved him from the first time I met him. He had a such a sense of fun and joy. I remember the two of us dancing New Year's Eve to "The Love Shack" while we laughed. All of the "adults" were in another room. He was probably about 6.

I remember when he did impersonations of TV characters and reenacted commercials. He always made me laugh. He was always just a joy to be around. He was so affectionate and loving that it was so easy to love him in return. Being able to bring joy to others just by being there is a rare gift. I miss him very much.


One of my favorite memories of Kory was when Kory, Emily, Ryan and I were going to the Black farm. Ryan was driving his truck, I was in the middle, and Kory was sitting on Emily's lap... Emily wouldn't ever sit on Kory's lap!! :)

Kory kept leaning back on Emily and squashing her face. Emily kept complaining and complaining. Well after about 10 minutes of complaining, I started to get a little annoyed. Out of NOWHERE, I bit Kory on the arm. Kory didn't like that too much, so his first reaction was to slap me in the face!! I was soooo surprised that Kory slapped me... I looked over at Ryan and gave him this funny look!! We all just started laughing and we couldn't stop. For a while after that, that is what we talked about!! It was sooo funny!

I cherish the times that Emily, Kory and I spent together!! I will keep them in my heart forever!! I love you Kory!!

Lynn Lindsey

I remember all the fun Kory, Shalom and I had on the trip to Six Flags with FBC Kimberling City.

I also remember taking Kory out to Branson on his last Birthday and then coming back to his mom's house and having cake with some friends and family. It was so much fun.

The best thing I remember about Kory is the last time I saw him. I thank God for that chance. He unexpectedly showed up to a Reeds Spring High School basketball game. He came up and I was talking with friends and he just said "Hey Lynn' I looked up and said "KORY!" and jumped up and gave him a big hug! We talked a while and then at the end of the game he said he was leaving so I said "ok hold on." and I gave him a big hug and said "I Love You!"

I thank God that Kory knew that I loved him and that was the last thing I ever got to say to him. I miss him, but rejoice in the fact that I know I will see him again in Paradise!

Brandy Peterman

Kory and my brother were very good friends and Kory used to come stay at our house. He was someone I always looked up to. He never minded me tagging along even though Charles would complain at times. He would also take up for me at school when ever someone would pick on me.

Kory used to come to my birthday parties with Charles and on one of them he gave me one of Ashley's stuffed animals. It was a blue dog. I still have it and will treasure it the rest of my life.

Pauline Peterman

I really don't know where to start, I have lots of memories of Kory which I will always treasure. He was special to our entire family.

I remember when he and Charles first became friends, they were in Home Start together and we all went to the Springfield Zoo. I remember several times when Kory would come over on a Friday night and end up staying the whole weekend with us. He fit right in. He and the kids would always fight over the Nintendo Controls and who would get to go first. I remember Vacation Bible School, the trip to Windermere for Bible Drill. Kory kept saying he couldn't do it. I knew he could and he did.

I remember how special Ashley was to him. And when she went to live with her Mom, how much he missed her and I was so afraid he was going to leave too. We talked about it and Kory said he wasn't planning to but it sure was hard without his sister. I remember tucking Kory into bed when I did my kids, He would always hug me and tell me he loved me.

He was a very special kid and we all Loved him, and are very thankful for the times we got to spend with him.

Velvet Ricker

Kory Black was the sweetest, kindest, most caring young man that I have ever known. Kory has and will always have a special place in my heart. No matter how bad Kory felt or how upset he was, he was always able to put aside his feelings to ask how you were or give you that precious smile!

Some of my fondest memories of Kory are from his younger years. I worked at the Float Stream at the time. Everytime Kory would come in, he would give me a BIG hug!! (Oh, how I would love to have one more) We would always talk about the new things happening in his life. One time I went to Winona with Jacob to watch Kory play pee-wee basketball. Chris was helping coach. Kory got sick so I brought him home. We talked and listened to the radio and by the time we got there he felt better.

I have many more wonderful memories of him that I will pass on to my son, Kory Ricker. I can only hope that he will have the many good qualities and the same relationship with GOD that Kory Black did. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of him. He sure brightened my life and I will always love him.

This is a picture of Velvet's son,
Kory Matthew Ricker.
He was named after Kory.

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